These are some of the dog and cat problems that only behavior modification can really solve:

• Chewing on Furniture or Carpet
• Barking at Friends or Neighbors
• Chewing on Plants or Trees
• Jumping on People, Furniture, or Doors
• Jumping Over Fences and Walls
• Digging in the Yard
• Climbing the Curtains or Furniture
• Not Coming When Called
• House Soiling,Urine Marking and Litterbox Lapses
• Rushing Out of Open Doors
• Car Sickness
• Fear of Noises, Objects, People or Other Animals
• Eating Feces
• Nipping at Hands or Ankles, Biting (fearfully or aggressively)
• Pulling on Leash, and Many More…

A Kinder Gentler Way of Training for Your Dog or Cat – Located in Arizona

Leslie Spencer-Snider
Alternative Training Methods
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