About Leslie

Leslie Spencer-Snider was born and raised in Wyoming farm and ranch country. Her natural love and concern for animals came at an early age while learning proper care and grooming techniques. Developing an innate sense for the nuances of direction and training, as well as the desire to be around animals, she knew what her calling would be.

Since 1983, Leslie Spencer-Snider d.b.a. Alternative Training Methods has been helping individuals and families procure appropriate and compatible pets for their lifestyle, while using behavior modification techniques to balance their family life toward a goal of unity and joy. She has provided behavior assistance to various animal shelters and organizations in the Phoenix area, including R.E.S.C.U.E., a non-profit animal rescue organization. University Animal Hospital, along with other local veterinarians, regularly refers clients-in-need to her. She has also worked with Classified Cats to help keep cats in their current homes and out of the pound.

Leslie has tested and trained numerous guide, hearing and assistance dogs for the disabled. Many herding, tracking and obedience dogs have been started under her tutelage. As a respected consultant, Leslie has been interviewed on local network news and given expert testimony in cases involving animal aggression. The Arizona Republic, The Tribune Newspapers including East Valley and Tempe Daily News as well as The Glendale Star have featured her opinions in articles about animals. Leslie has also published a feature article in the 1998 Third Quarter Issue of The Rottweiler Quarterly.

Today Leslie provides private, in-home instruction to her clients and their pets. She also teaches semi-private group classes in the Greater Phoenix Area. Please read further into the fee schedule about prices and criteria, as well as her monthly Doggy Tea Party!

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