“I have learned how to communicate with my dog”

Alternative Teaching Methods for Dogs and Leslie Snider has helped our family out immensely. I have learned how to communicate with my dog. Through behavior modification by observation, conditioning and positive reinforcement we now understand each other. It has made owning a dog much more enjoyable.

In the come-when-you-can class we work on socialization of our pets at the same time pet and owner are having fun. My dog loves to go to class. It is great to be around dog lovers like myself. My 10 year old daughter has also been able to learn the techniques Leslie teaches. She is able to work with our dog. We have met some great dogs and owners in class.

Have you ever read a book about dog training and had questions? With Leslie, your questions can be asked and answered. In class I find other peoples questions equally as helpful. I learn something new every class.

Leslie also helped me with a very difficult decision about euthanizing my beloved Baylee. Although it was something I knew needed to be done, it was too difficult for me alone. She helped me explore our options, work on solutions and finally surrender to what was best. One of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make and I was glad I had her to consult.

I would recommend Alternative Teaching Methods for Dogs, and Leslie Snider to anyone who is having problems with their dog. Also to anyone who wants to come out and have some fun with their dog.

Laurie M.

Glendale, Arizona

“We finally reached our goal, a bond based on love and trust.”

Dear Leslie,

Bonnie and I recently celebrated our second anniversary and I took time to reflect back upon the past two years. When I found Bonnie, you were the first person I called to share my excitement with and dreams for our future. Then shortly after that a variety of little problems began to appear. We were in over our heads! Again, you were there for us as you have been for the past two years. With your friendship, expertise, and encouragement we finally reached our goal, a bond based on love and trust. This miracle never would have been without the time and patience you gave us. Bonnie and I thank you with our whole heart! Thank you doesn’t come close to conveying the emotional and heartfelt appreciation we feel. You are a very special friend and we do thank you with our whole heart!


Donna D. and Bonnie

“You gave Larry and I the greatest gift and that was how to teach our dog”

Leslie – you gave Larry and I the greatest gift and that was how to “teach our dog” the behaviors needed to peacefully co-exist with him and because of what you taught us, he became a very loved and trusted member of our family.  We never stopped “teaching” him or “rewarding” him for good behaviors – and he thrived over the years from the daily routines, discipline and of course, all the attention. 

You taught us how to keep his stress level down with the exercise and how to keep his mind active with the games.  Ranger has a wide vocabulary – when he could hear, we could tell him to go get his ball in the bedroom or get the ball behind the chair – and he’d go get it.  We taught him hand signals as well -and it’s been a godsend now that he’s deaf.  I’ve never enjoyed a bond like this before with a pet – but I’ve never had a dog as intelligent or energetic – or a teacher like yourself who taught us to bring out the very best in this wonderful animal.  We will always be very grateful for your influence.

XO! Cheryl (Ranger too!)

Hi Leslie,
We just wanted to let you know that we are still seeing big changes in Max. 

We have 2 brags: 

We had people in for the Super Bowl, two of whom, Max had never seen.  He greeted them at the door and never tried to terrorize them.  He let them in and immediately let them know that he could be bribed with treats, and never barked.

Yesterday, we had some friends in for dinner;  however, he had met them at one time, but not recently.  He greeted them at the door and wanted them to pet him immediately.  Of course, he let them know that he liked what they had to eat.  Three of the people had seen him right after he came to us, and this time, they commented on how much he has improved.  Even Dr. Tobin (Max’s vet) told us, when we had him in for his rabies shot, how much improvement he could see.

Thank you so much for what you have done for Max and what you have taught us.

Tacy and George I.…….and Max

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